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Why do governments allow sports betting?

Betting is a worldwide activity. If the governments allow these activities or not, people can not just stop the urge to bet for money. It has always been a dilemma before the government, not whether to allow gambling on sports or. Those that do not allow that these activities give the reasons for the long-standing social stigma and negative socio-economic impact of the associated movement. And this habit of people to meet the family level, really hard. One of the most popular sports in which the betting is done legally in most countries where it is played, that the horse race. But I bet if that is really so bad, then why not allow the governments of these activities in their countries? Did they feel that they are weak enough to keep an overview of these activities and have admitted their defeat in controlling this? Or is it because of monetary tightness, which pushes these states do not permit in these activities? The questions are many and never ending. It is also true that in a democratic society and the pressure moves the population to determine the government, executive actions. So if the majority of people like to bet, then the Government has duly consider their demands. It can not ignore it. Sports betting is not a total gamble depends solely on the luck factor. It can fairly well and won. The results of sporting events have a high chance of correct predictability. According to this logic is not a sports betting play total and blind. And what is to earn the government some revenue from it is wrong if people want to bet? Why lose the tax revenue? If people have any way to bet, and there is no stopping it, why not make it legal? In fact, the higher incidence of taxation should be allowed to bet only the financially well-off. The countries and regions where this is allowed, significant tax revenues. Many critics believe that it is the society to criminalize these activities more. The ability of law enforcement, crime control has a great success of the countries that have allowed this. Criminal laws and strict enforcement of strong interference bets away from the operation of horse racing and held other types of sports betting. With criminals away, the stage open to the general public to submit, without fear.Yet bet on another important factor that goes a long way so wagering in that the well-educated masses. It is not only the high literacy rate but also the possibility of the advantages and disadvantages of participation in this wagering activity, the confidence is to weigh the government, this permit with appropriate controls. The combination of a number of factors in the social, economic, legislative and executive domain leads to permission granted to go to sports betting in the country. The impact of the measure are full, before the bookies, weighed legally operate.

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